Testimonials – Unravel ways of getting a genuine cash for homes offer

We love getting feedback from your satisfied home sellers. We don’t claim to give cash for homes, we actually do it. When you receive a good result with us, we hope you come back and leave us your positive experience.

“I became acquainted with WeBuyAZ because I was interested in selling my property that I had owned for over 50 years. I met with the representative on three occasions. Once we came to an agreement, they took charge of everything.

- Georgia Foster, Chandler AZ

“About two weeks after my mother-in-law died, my wife and I received a post card in the mail offering to buy my mother-in-law’s house. Initially we dismissed it thinking we could make the needed repairs and sell the house ourselves or through a realtor. However, we decided to make an appointment with WeBuyAZ to see what they had to say. We met and they told us what he thought of the house, the renovations believed would be needed, and his estimates of closing and realtor costs and market conditions. Afterwards, we asked him to submit an offer through a contract which they promptly did. After considering other offers, we subsequently accepted their offer. The closing went very smoothly. We highly recommend speaking with Lucas at WeBuyAZ when you want to sell a property that needs renovation. The offer was FAIR considering the work needed to make the property sellable.”

- Bruce Williams, Scottsdale AZ

…The property investors I delt with were great…

“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you and your company for the expeditious managing of the procedures required to facilitate sale of the single family residence that I was in the process of trying to sell.
I was very much impressed with your honesty and high level of integrity and service beginning from the initial phase of the discussion, price negotiation, through the final closing. The entire seller/buyer process went very quickly and was free from difficulty or impediments.
I was very comfortable during the process and had a very pleasant experience dealing with you and your company. I am extremely appreciative of your input and guidance during this whole procedure.”

- Vivian Bailey, Tempe AZ

I wanted to give you my comments on the recent real estate transaction that we conducted on my property. The property investors I delt with were great. I honestly feel that the level of professionalism was excellent and that I was treated quite fairly. Throughout the entire process, both Lucas and Derek were easily accessible by phone or email. I feel like the purchase price was fair considering the current real estate market and the condition of the home. Thank you for your help and willingness to follow up.

- Fred Luca, Phoenix AZ

…You really do offer cash for homes…

I just want to thank you and your business associates for the prompt attention you gave me when I was in need of selling my Mother’s home. When i answered your cash for homes advertisement, you were courteous, professional and most willing to make a FAIR and equitable deal with me for the property. If I ever need to make any more property deals you can be assured you will be my first call.

- Jo Bennett, Mesa AZ

…The offer was worthy of the property value…the company paid for all legal services and closing costs…the whole process took less than 30 days…You really do offer cash for homes. I felt completely satisfied from our first handshake to the close of our business.

- Elaine Allison, Fountain Hills AZ